Sunday, September 15, 2013

Texas Girls

You could tell my children were raised in Texas when... a sea of long, black, Navy-issued overcoats, I noticed my daughter, Cynthia, was the only sailor on the military base not wearing a coat with her short-sleeved uniform on a chilly Chicago morning. 

...much later that same evening, my other daughter, Katie, stepped out of the airport - after just flying back home from Chicago - and in to the Texas heat and said, "Give me the sun, give me the heat, I just want to sweat! I think maybe I'll layout when we get home. I need my vitamin D." 

Did I mention is was 7 p.m.? Katie didn't like the "cold" of Chicago - you know, temps of 56 - 70 degrees. Lol...

Oh, and Katie's Facebook post coming home from the airport last night? 

"Sun beatin' down, hair pulled up, face a little flushed, just jammin' out to some country music in the Jeep on my way home...yeah it's good to be back in the BEAUTIFUL state of Texas!!! God bless it!!!"

Yes, my girls may have been born in North Carolina, but...

                                          you can definitely tell they were raised on Texas sunshine! :)

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