Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Cure for What Ails Me

I've been a bit "under the weather" the past couple of days, and it doesn't suit me at all. I've always said I'm far too busy to get sick. I have too much to do. Truth be told, I've always been very blessed with good health. I very seldom ever get sick, I don't have allergies, and I don't have migraines. Like I said, I know I'm blessed.

I was supposed to go to work today. It's the end of the six week grading period, and I sure could use some extra time in my classroom over the weekend. I was determined to go, no matter how I felt...but something held me back. I just didn't feel quite right and, sometimes, I really do listen to what my body is trying to tell me - especially when I feel like it's threatening me that if I don't slow down a little now, it will make me slow down much more later!

After taking a shower and actually getting dressed to go to work, I had a change of heart and gave in to my instincts. In hopes of a quick recovery, I decided to prescribe myself a day off from everything. I took off my 'work in my classroom clothes' and changed into a fresh set of my favorite pajamas (purple ones with Snoopy on them) and decided I wouldn't leave the house except to enjoy my patio and the nice autumn weather.

It turns out I made a good choice.

I spent most of the day curled up in my favorite reading chair and read a good book. I found myself smiling and nodding as I read. Some of the passages were delicious enough that I read them aloud. I lost myself inside another world and found that it took my mind off my body's aches and pains. My body rested while my mind constructed its own movie in my head.

I sat out on my patio for a bit with my blanket and drank coffee. Later, I enjoyed some hot tea from my favorite tea cup, which made me smile to look at it. My sister-in-law gave it to me years ago. It is delicate and precious to me. It makes me feel special when I hold it, and it makes me think of good times I've spent with my brother and sister-in-law.

For lunch, I enjoyed an old, familiar food I seldom ever allow myself anymore - macaroni and cheese - which reminds me of my baby girl (the one who's in the Navy now). It's one of her favorites. I could hear her in my head,"Mom, can we get the GOOD kind? You know, the one with the REAL Velveeta cheese and not the powder kind." She's right, it IS the good kind! The mac and cheese was warm and comforting, reminding me of two childhoods - my daughter's and my own.

All in all, it was a wonderful day...even though I wasn't feeling my best. Taking time for myself and letting the world pass me by for one day was exactly what I needed. Even now, I sit in my favorite reading chair looking out the window while the rain comes down. I still don't feel quite like myself, but I feel better than I did this morning.

Hot beverages, warm memories, and a good book make a perfect combination and provide a pleasant cure for what ails me.

(And, now, it's time to take another dose...)

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