Thursday, July 4, 2013

Too Much Fun?

Is there such a thing as too much fun? Probably not. Still, I feel I have been on a wonderful merry-go-round that I really need to stop and step off of it for awhile to take a breath. After my trip to England, I spent a few days in San Antonio with my husband, which were delightful, and I have been out and about in Texas since then!

You see, it is highly unusual to have weather that's NOT "too dang hot" in Texas in July. Normally, we have temperatures of 100 degrees plus. This has not been the case for the past week. It has been, what is commonly known at my home as, "perfect Jeep weather" days! This means that instead of spending time indoors (and on my computer), I have enjoyed the great outdoors with the top off the Jeep and a camera in my hand!

While I was out riding around yesterday, I thought about you and my blog. I wondered if I made a mistake in not taking you with me to England or to San Antonio. I thought of how I could have blogged a daily journal, of sorts, while I was in England and how it might have drawn in more readers that find travel as fabulous as I do. I questioned if I made a mistake in leaving my laptop behind.

I answered my own question: No, I didn't make a mistake. It was the best thing to do.

I was living my life, absorbing every moment and, as much as I love to write and share my experiences, technology can begin to take over your life if you let it. I refuse to let it. Life is important to experience without wondering if something would make a good picture for your facebook...or your blog. I took around 4,000 photos while I was in England, but - I can honestly say - they were for me. I don't mind sharing some of them, of course, but I took pictures of what I enjoy, what I wanted to remember, and what brought me the greatest joy.

It also isn't fair to the people in my life to not be present in the moment. My husband is a patient man who understands my interests, but he doesn't want to go on vacation to watch me stare at a laptop screen and hope I can find Wifi somewhere at a coffee shop. It isn't fair - not to him and not to me. Besides, he is already gracious enough about seeing my face behind a camera much of the time. :)

Brief example/side bar: We went to a wonderful lake/state park yesterday, and we were having a great time! At one point, I found a good photo shot. I took out my phone (instead of my camera) to take a picture, so I could share the view on facebook. Now, there was a good reason for this - I have teacher friends who are off for the summer. I wondered if any of them had thought of this place as a great place to hang out with their families. Many times when they share where/what they've done, I go to places I wouldn't have thought of before.

When I tried to post in on facebook through my phone, I found that my data source wasn't working from our beautiful view. I got a bit...agitated. When we headed back to another part of the lake, where there is a lovely beach and little store, I knew I could probably get data access in that area. I asked my hubby, a little too snappy, to find a shade spot so I could post the picture. 

Now, how wrong is that? Very. Could it have waited until later? Yes. Was I taking something away from enjoying our trip? Yes. Did I catch myself, apologize to my hubby, and put the stupid phone away? Yes. 

I met lovely, interesting people along my journeys. I want to share those experiences with you, but I didn't go out of my way to have experiences so I could blog about them. I had them because life brings new people in your life when you open yourself up to new experiences. When you don't have your nose in your laptop, your phone, or...yes, even sometimes,...a book, and you take a look at the world around you, you'll find it is quite fabulous!

If you have enjoyed my blog up to this point, I just want you to know I'll be posting a good bit for the next week. In other words, more than usual. I have some stories and photos I'd like to share with you. While I didn't take my laptop on my adventures, I did take my trusty pen and paper. There were moments and words I just didn't want to forget. Stories I heard I just had to jot down. History I wanted to explore after only hearing the 'tip of the iceberg'. Good stuff. :)

My husband has been on vacation this week, which I have greatly enjoyed, but he goes back to work on Saturday. This means the pace of my summer break from work will find a nice, slow, lazy wallow I enjoy. Time for slow mornings with a cup of coffee and a good book. Time for writing and blogging and catching up on facebook newsfeed to see what my friends have been up to lately. Time for getting together with friends and, maybe, catch a movie.

Vacations and holidays are fun, but..."there's no place like home." :)

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