Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My heart has now recovered, since I took a brief hiatus from The Shadow of the Wind, and I am ready to finish the novel. I should have a final review by the end of this weekend.

I discussed how I felt about the book with a good friend of mine who has already finished it. She understood exactly how the book has made me feel. We did not discuss anything beyond the point I have read to so far (because truly good friends would never spoil a book for you), but I noticed that both of us put our hand over our chest when we spoke of certain parts and certain characters we adore (it looks like I'm not the only fan of the wise and witty Fermin). :)

I leave you today with a little quote I'm fond of for purely personal reasons. When I was growing up, I always disliked the color of my eyes. There was always plenty of songs about girls with blue eyes or brown eyes or green eyes, but never one about hazel eyes. I didn't like that my eyes were more than one color, and they seem to change colors according to what color clothes I wore. Don't get me wrong, I like them now,...but I can remember desperately wishing (for most of my teenage years) my eyes were just one color.

Now you know why I like this quote from The Shadow of the Wind (and if you know a young girl with hazel eyes, please pass it on to her):

"Her eyes were a greeny blue, but she insisted on describing them as 'emerald and sapphire.'"

(Ah, it's all in how you look at things, yes? ;)

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