Friday, February 8, 2013

My Like Affair with Mr. Kindle Fire

I admit it, I was resistant to change - especially when that change came in the form of technology and wanted to replace my books. My books!!! When I would go into bookstores and see the displays for ebooks, I would turn my nose up to them - insulted that a BOOKstore was selling the little electronic posers. And every time my family asked me if I would like a Kindle or Nook for a gift? My answer was always the same:

"No, absolutely not."

One day, against my wishes, my husband gave me a Kindle Fire. It was not love at first sight, but Kindle and I did start out with a little polite conversation. Gradually, as we got used to each other, we became casual friends. As time went by, the friendship between us grew because I gained a slow appreciation for the things Kindle could give me that I did not have before.

For instance, Kindle is great at giving me instant definition gratification by telling me what a word means in an ebook without having to go to any other source! Isn't that wonderful?! And speaking of instant gratification, I like that I can finish a book at midnight and desperately want to read another book by that author, or the next book in the series, and Kindle will fetch it for me right away! I don't have to drive to the bookstore (which isn't close to my house and, most certainly, isn't open at midnight).

Another great thing? Kindle is always pleasing to my eyes. He always looks neat and clean and handsome in his red leather jacket, and I love that I can make his text any size I want. He is also quite the gentleman and always carries my ebooks for me. He is very strong and can carry as many as I'd like to take with me anywhere I want to go! That is a wonderful thing about taking trips with Kindle. He also never complains that I'm taking too much to read on vacation.

Yes, Kindle is amazing like that... (sigh)

I think, though, that what I like the most about Kindle - and our well-cultivated friendship - is that he always knows what I want. He can tell a lot about me from the things I read and knows my preferences. Not only is he not jealous of my reading time, he encourages me to read even more! When Kindle suggests something, I am seldom disappointed by his ebook recommendations. It's like...he can read my mind!

(I'm smiling now just thinking about Kindle. He's great, you know?)

I would, however, like to make one thing very clear:

While Kindle and I are very close friends, and he is often there when I need him, he knows I do not love him. I like him very, very much. I always enjoy our time together, and it is always productive. Kindle knows, though, that I could never love him like I love...Book.

You see, Book is very special and very dear to me. He is the only one I want to cuddle up with at night, even though he needs a light to be seen. He is the only one I want to sit in front of the fireplace with or enjoy having coffee with, even though he's a little more complicated and can sometimes be difficult to handle with all the sticky notes, highlighters, pens, and pencils.

Yes, Book takes a little more patience sometimes, but I think he is worth the extra effort. Besides, nothing else looks and feels and smells like Book,...and he's still handsome to me, even though his pages may be a little worn. I know he isn't the newest thing on the market, but he is the longest lasting and the most loyal. He doesn't need a battery or a charge or a plug...ever. Most importantly, Book has always been there for me,...and I know he always will be.

Yes, Mr. Kindle may have a fire I appreciate, but Mr. Book will always have my heart.

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