Sunday, December 3, 2017


Yes, it's been a lovely weekend. 

Yes, I was able to enjoy some pleasure reading time this last week.

Yes, I finished A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman earlier last week, and I truly enjoyed it (only a real Scrooge wouldn't like it). Who wouldn't love a book about a crotchety 59 year old man who has no filter when it comes to giving his opinions to people? Ah, but that's only what it looks like on the surface. After all, there are reasons why we are the way we are. Isn't there? This book will make you laugh and touch your heart. 

Yes, I started and finished another book by an author I enjoy: Jennifer Donnelly. This time I went back in time to Victorian days to follow a young lady on a quest to solve her father's death...and a few other mysteries. These Shallow Graves was a good YA novel. While it doesn't rank as high as Donnelly's Revolution in my gradebook, I should say that no one else's YA has been able to rank as high as that one, either.

Yes, I'm already reading another book, which is completely different from the two previous ones I've mentioned. Are you ready for this? I'm reading The Snowman by Jo Nesbo. This book is definitely not my usual genre. It has completely pulled me in, and I am totally creeped out by it. Snowmen and a serial killer? It's horrifically fascinating. And the only things I'm saying to myself, at this time of night, is...'Do I have the courage to continue reading this book tonight, while I am curled up in bed and completely alone in my house? There's no snow on the ground here, does that mean I'm safe? Is that the wind howling outside? Is a cold front moving in? You know,...I don't need to read tonight. I can always read tomorrow. In the daylight. With people around. Lots of people around.'

Yes, it has been a wonderfully enjoyable day today, and I am too tired to write anymore tonight.

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