Thursday, March 7, 2013

Make Me Laugh!

If you don't know David Sedaris, you should. He is my remedy for anything that ails me. His books are collections of stories from his own life experiences, and this man can make his worst situations sound hilarious! Sedaris was raised in North Carolina and, I must admit, I find much of his humor strikes my own Carolina funny bone when he describes (SO perfectly) what it is like to have grown up in that area.

While I have not read all of his books, I have read quite a few. I started off with Me Talk Pretty One Day, which I passed around to several friends, here in Texas, who found it as funny as I did. Once I read (and re-read) that one, I was hooked. I have since read Naked, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, and When You Are Engulfed In Flames. I have yet to be disappointed in any of his books.

Sedaris has a sharp wit and a hilarious take on life in general. His stories range from describing bizarre situations that arise in adulthood (like when someone mistakenly showed up to clean his home thinking he had ordered a "dirty maid" service) to pointing out the humor and oddities of growing up in a family (you know, the quirks, the jerks, the denials, the dysfunction, and...the meaningful moments).

Now, if you are faint of heart and/or a staunch fundamentalist (a.k.a. Easily Offended), you may not appreciate some of his humor, though I surely wish you did. I grew up in the "Bible Belt," and I know (and, in some cases, are related to) some of those who are faint of heart and/or staunch fundamentalist, so I am an expert on such matters. On the other hand, if you like hearing someone tell the truths we often try to avoid, cover up, or pretend aren't there, you'll love Sedaris! He tells it like it really is and, as Mark Twain always said, "Truth is stranger than fiction..."

David Sedaris really is a great writer, and I love to hear him read his own stuff (and, yes, he's aware his voice is a little higher pitched than most men). If you'd like to try him out before buying a book, here's a link you might be interested in:

Well, I have to go now. It's been a long week at my job, and I have one more day to go. I just want to kick back and forget all about the papers sitting in my bag that need to be graded. Tonight, I'm going to curl up under my favorite blanket with David because I need a man who can make me laugh!

(Go on, now. Go find something to read that makes you laugh! We all need that, you know...)

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