Sunday, April 29, 2018


Sorry, folks, I have nothing for you this week. I didn't even realize that my last post was TWO weeks ago instead of one. Yes, that's how life has been.

I'm off my reading game, and I can't even tell you the last time I sat down long enough to watch something on television...that I didn't fall asleep within thirty minutes. 

Yes, I am reading. I'm reading a class novel with my sixth graders (Touching Spirit Bear), and I am reading a book with my boys' book club (Woods Runner), and I did manage to find a half-finished novel I lost during the move,...and I finished it (The Silent Wife). And I'm sure I'll write about them eventually. Just not tonight.


I finally have my new library set up. And, today, I put a TBR short-stack by my reading couch. I will hit the reset button on my "new normal" on Tuesday. Why Tuesday? Well, that's a story for next Sunday. (By then, I'm sure it'll be okay to tell it.)

Happy reading...

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