Saturday, August 13, 2016


I've  never been one who listens to books on audio. It just...wasn't my thing. I'm not going to say it is now, in a broad sense, but I've certainly learned to appreciate what audiobooks have to offer.

I first gave audiobooks a chance when I used one for my classroom. I wanted my students, who were struggling readers, to hear a book that had thirteen different voices. It was a way of showing them how to hear 'voices in their heads' and differentiate between characters when they read. Needless to say, they loved it, as did I. I did not, however, see the need for me to listen to audiobooks, personally, as I love to read in my own head.

Then, a few years later (yes, seriously), I decided to take a long road trip alone. I went to Half Price Books and found an interesting book on CDs. I thought I'd try it. I really enjoyed it! The book kept me company, I laughed and cried along with the characters, and - as often happens with books - the theme suited something I needed to think over. It was good for the brain and good for the soul. And good for the miles! I drove eighteen hours and enjoyed every minute! Did that hook me into audiobooks? No, not really, though I'd learned to appreciate them a little more.

Fast forward to...almost four years later (again - yes, seriously)...

I was cleaning out and reorganizing my home library. I had a small basket with some books in it. When I dug through them, I found a book on CDs that I had bought long ago (after my inspirational road trip), but had never listened to and forgot I had them. I decided that I needed to either get rid of them or listen to them. I opted to see if it worked for me to listen while I just did my daily driving and trips to see my daughters (one lives an hour away, one lives three hours away). Once again, I loved the experience and enjoyed the narrator so much that I looked up to see what other books she narrates.

It was about this time that a teacher friend of mine showed me how her Kindle has her books on it, but that she can switch to audio when she wants. "Whaaaat?! How did I NOT know this?" (Possibly because my head is usually buried in a book? ;) I got excited about all the possibilities! I could read a book at home and, when I have to run somewhere in the car, take the voice with me to continue the story!

Now, I'm officially a member of Audible. That's right. I'm finding ways to get through my TBR list much faster, which makes me happy. I'm not rushing through the books (I'd never do that), I've just found more ways to enjoy them and allow them to filter into other places during my days and evenings.

I am picky, though. I have to like the narrator. I also still prefer to read for myself when I can sit with a book (or Kindle) in my hand. It also depends on my mood because I love to listen to music, too. I'm still pretty darn happy, though, to find more ways to get my reading time in - especially now that school is about to start up, and I have less pleasure reading time than I do in the summer.

By the way, I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Summer has flown by! I'll try to write on a more regular basis now that my yearly academic routine is about to kick in. I do have some books to tell you about, as well as a couple of audiobooks you might find interesting. I will post again tomorrow to tell you about those.

I have to go for now. My classroom is begging me to keep working and setting up for the new school year!

Happy reading!!

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