Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wrapping Up

My, my, my,...time certainly DOES fly! I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged, but life has been playing on high-speed lately. I have been keeping up my reading, though, making sure I fit it in either early in the morning or late at night. If there were only more hours in a day, I might be able to get more done! I promise to give reviews on some of the great books I've read lately, but not yet. I need another week to wrap some things up.

This week is the last week of school. Every year, it is the same for me. I truly enjoy my summer break, but...I know I will miss my students. I've become a little more sentimental in the past couple of weeks. I worry there is something I've forgotten to tell them or teach them. I find myself writing little notes in my phone or on a pad, "Be sure to tell David that I have really enjoyed reading his writings this year," or "Tell Shelby she's smart and can accomplish anything." Have I told them these things already? Yes. But they need to hear it again, just one more time (or three) before we say goodbye.

So, please forgive me for ignoring my blog for awhile. At this time of year, any extra attention I have is showered on my students. Even my husband takes a backseat and, God bless him, he never complains. He knows my heart and knows it's very important to me to send my 72 children out into the world with my love wrapped around them for safe keeping.

And, at the end of a school year, that's the most important wrap up of them all.


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