Sunday, January 4, 2015

Just Read It...

When I tell others about a book I've read, and I want to encourage them to read it, I usually give them as much information as I can to convince them...without giving away the story. On rare occasions, I'll say to my friends, "Trust me on this one, just read it." Those who trust me will read it, those who don't,...well,...they miss out.

You see, some books need no introduction. It's actually more fun to unravel the entire book with your own mind instead of any preset notion you may get from someone else. It doesn't usually happen this way for me, though. I usually know more about a book than I want to know before I begin reading it. Complete surprises are rare. Delightful, hard-to-describe surprises are even more rare.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman is one of those.

I like the UK cover the most.

The only reason I read this book was because three things came together for my good...

First, I knew Patrick Rothfuss (an author I adore) is a fan of Neil Gaiman's writing. I've heard him mention it several times.

Second, the book appeared on a "Best Books for 2014" list that was put together by a reading site I follow. When I looked up several other literary sites, the book was also on their lists.

And, third, once upon a time - a long, long time ago - I recalled taking some quiz that said I was most like Neil Gaiman. The name stuck in my head, but I didn't pursue his books. (I mean, it was some online quiz you take when you're bored - whoever believes those things?!)

When I take those three things and add in two weeks of Christmas vacation from work, it means I have more time to read and more time to explore books I might like to read. I was able to read several books over the holidays because I could stay up late or get up early to enjoy quiet reading time without having to worry about work, and it didn't collide with other things I wanted to do with my family and friends. It was...glorious!

OK, so, back to the book...

This is one book where you're just going to have to trust my judgment...and the judgment of many book reviewers. Don't spoil it for yourself by reading several reviews and summaries. Don't do that. I want you to enjoy it, as I did, with no preconceived notions. I assure you, though, the notion you start out with when you read the beginning of the book will not be the one you have in the middle or at the end. The book is wonderful in that way. And it is...quite wonderful.

Enough said.

Just read it.

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