Sunday, March 30, 2014

Meet Rachel Abbott

A bit about the book...

I blogged earlier today that I would tell you about the book I just finished, the one I wrote a review for on Amazon. My day has been quite busy gearing up for another week of school, and it is later than I realized, so I'll try to be brief. (I still have 15 more essays to grade before bed...)

I bought The Back Road by Rachel Abbott on my Kindle as a Kindle Daily Deal (love those!) and decided to take a chance on a mystery. I admit that one of the things that attracted me was the setting, which takes place in present day England in a small village where everyone knows everyone. Since visiting England last year, and spending some time in a few of those lovely villages, it feels like a reunion with places and people I have come to love.

The story begins with a mystery about what has happened to a 14 year-old-girl from the village. She was found by the side of the road, and it looks like a hit-and-run. While that is part of what drives the story (trying to find out what happened to the girl and who did it), there are also other tales to be told and most are centered around two grown sisters and the home they grew up in.

There are many twists and turns. I absolutely loved it! It kept me guessing what was going to happen next. For me, the mark of a good mystery is one I can't figure out halfway through the book. This was definitely a good mystery! Everyone is suspect and nothing is as it seems. What fun! :)

You should try it, I think you'll like it!

A bit about the author....

It is my understanding that Rachel Abbott was originally a self-published author with her first book Only the Innocent. It was on the top 100 in the United Kingdom in the first 12 weeks. In August 2013, it went to number one on Kindle and stayed there for four weeks. Needless to say, Abbott now has a publisher for all three of her novels to date. The Back Road was her second novel and Sleep Tight is her third.

I have already downloaded her other two novels and plan to start Only the Innocent after I take a quick reading detour back to finish a funny memoir I had started, but had taken a break from. It's a really entertaining memoir, but I was craving a good fiction story when Abbott came along.

You can read more about Rachel Abbott on Amazon or on Facebook. She's living my dream right now, living on a lovely island situated between the United Kingdom and France where she can write fiction to her heart's content.

Some day...


  1. That was entirely TOO brief Kim! Haha. Actually, I am surprised that you posted this. I thought for sure you would wait on the review since you had mountain of essays and I commandeered your time in need of help. This book sounds interesting and, I might just add it to my "to-read" list. I love books that actually keep you guessing and are not easily deduced.

    1. Lol, yes - it was brief compared to my "norm"! Lack of sleep will do that to me. ;) Although, the post I just wrote is fairly brief, too (again,...lack of sleep...). I am about to start another of Abbott's books tonight. Like you, I do love a good mystery!